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Islam and the Generation Raising New Muslim Generation

Thursday, October 17, 2019

October 17, 2019

Pakistan to invite and welcome British imperial couple Prince William and Kate

Pakistan to invite and welcome British imperial couple Prince William and Kate

The couple will be concurred an honorary pathway welcome in the main visit by UK royals to the nation in over 10 years.

prince villiam and princess kate
Prince villiam and kate in pakistan visit

Ruler William and his better half Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, are to land in Pakistan's capital Islamabad on Monday for the primary regal excursion to the nation in over 10 years.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will concur an honorary pathway welcome for their first visit to the nation.

British princess Kate Middleton visited the royal mosque in Lahore met with the imam of the mosque and recited the Holy Quran from the reader while sitting in literature. This news comes from the Indians, Landas Liberals and Gulalai Ismail The hammer must have been pouring on the princess's clothes from yesterday Were demonstrating indifference.

Compare that by making a non-Muslim princess go to the mosque and cover with the shaal and listen to the Qur'an and not make it a problem what people will say. Nobody should pretend to be religious.

A few years ago, a film was being shot in the same mosque at the same. On that day, the prayers of Zuhar prayers could not be stopped. They were prevented from seeing heroin with a beard person or Mulla.
Our native English has come to be the hypocrites and the double standard, only to follow the English, so follow it properly.

We also saw women roaming around in very filthy clothes at the Shah Faisal Mosque. They wore short skirts and tight clothing. And they considered it a picnic point for taking rallies. There was no respect for the mosque. I was surprised at the gentlemen who came with them.

The 5-day visit will be held under uncommon security courses of action being administered by the military.

This is the most perplexing visit attempted by The Duke and Duchess to date, given the calculated and security contemplations," Kensington Palace said in an announcement.
While The Duke and Duchess' program will pay regard to the authentic connection between Britain and Pakistan, it will to a great extent center around displaying Pakistan as it is today - a dynamic, optimistic and forward-looking country, the announcement said.

The imperial couple will meet the president and executive during the visit. They will likewise visit projects intending to enable individuals and figure out how networks are adjusting to environmental change.

On the appearance of the regal couple in Lahore, an open rickshaw association rally, rickshaws were finished with Pakistani and British banners.

On the appearance of the regal couple in Lahore, an open rickshaw association rally, rickshaws were finished with Pakistani and British banners

All things considered, British Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton visited SOS Village in Lahore, where the illustrious couple cut their birthday cake alongside three-stranded youngsters. As indicated by subtleties, the British Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton got a warm welcome, including kids remaining at the town on landing in COS OS Village.

The regal couple went through over an hour with the youngsters. English Prince William and Princess Kate Middleton likewise went to the SOS Village's three kids' birthday festivity and cut the cake. Princess Kate Middleton displayed birthday cake to the youngsters. In this event, the imperial couple was educated about the offices gave to the kids at SOS Village. The illustrious couple likewise made pictures with the youngsters.

prince William in the classroom in Pakistan visit 

Ruler William's mom, the late Princess Diana, had likewise visited Pakistan in 1996 to go to a gathering pledges occasion for a malignant growth emergency clinic worked by cricketer-turned-legislator and now Prime Minister Imran Khan.
Already, Queen Elizabeth II visited Pakistan in 1961 and 1997

October 17, 2019

Islam and the Generation Raising New Muslim Generation

Islam and the Generation Raising New Muslim Generation.

Muslim leadership has to raise a new generation in the modern world. That is the first priority of a Muslim nation or reformer

Islam and our Generation

 The greatest generation that brings to its pure springs and a generation who understand the teaching of Islam rightly and completely free from redundancy and blemishes. it is Islam. Islam is not a religion that creates divisions among people.

Raising New Muslim Generation

Islam is a complete way to bring peace among the is the Islam which is revealed the Quran by the Noble Messenger the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and the Companions May Allah be pleased with them believed. And After Prophet Muhammad SAW the Calipha May Allah be pleased with them ruled. they have created sound lofty civilization. A unique civilisation that linked from earth to heaven. By religion, they brought knowledge and assuredness together to the world. it is the Islam of the Quran and Sunnah of truth and strength leaning and acting Jihad and Ijtihad. the Quran is the source of life and lives every word of the Quran explaining the truth.

What is meant by Jihad? here is not only holy war in one sense only rather Jihad is the name of action against the opposition wrongness and crooknecks activities. It stems from one’s self or Satan or other people. Opposing one's whims and Satan's whispers is a high rank of Jihad. Fighting the enemies who oppose Allah's Message and hinder its spread or those who transgress on Islam and Muslims is one aspect of Jihad.
It is the Islam of individual poise, family ties, social solidarity, Shoora directing, profitability, and reasonableness in the appropriation of obligations and rights.

Allah Says Mean is below


"Say (O Muhammad): 'To be sure, my petition, my ceremonies of penance, my living and my withering are for Allah, Lord of the universes.'" [Quran 6:162]

It is Islam makes society and whole life for the sake of Allah the highest. Islam cannot be divided into two parts which are called state and the other is called religion for Allah. They both belong to Allah is one and only.
Islam invites to justice even if it is for the interest of its deadliest enemies.

Allah says in the Quran

"And don't give the disdain of a people a chance to keep you from being simply. Be only; that is closer to exemplary nature. Furthermore, dread Allah; Indeed, Allah is Acquainted with what you do." [Quran 5:8]

 Allah Says in the Quran

‘ And don't let the scorn of a people for having impeded you from Al-Masjid Al-Haram (in Makkah), lead you to submit hostility. Also, participate in exemplary nature and devotion, however don't coordinate in wrongdoing and hostility. Also, dread Allah… "[Quran: 5:2]

Islam battels with wrong and atheist communities and the richest. And reject the protested and struggled classes and oppressive sects. It gives the impression of love and justice. The center standards of Islam: Faith, petition, philanthropy, fasting, and journey structure the system for a dedicated life. Setting: Muslims accept that the best approach to satisfy the third of the Five Pillars is to go without all nourishments and fluids from first light to dusk during the period of Ramadan.

The Five Main Teachings of Islam

five pillar of islam the five main teaching of islam

The Profession of Faith the Shahada. The Profession of Faith, the shahada, is the most central articulation of Islamic convictions. ...
Day by day Prayers Salah. Muslims are relied upon to supplicate five times each day.
Offerings Giving Zakat. The giving of contributions.
Fasting during Ramadan.
Journey to Mecca Hajj.

This is Islam of the Quran and Sunnah, as comprehended, had confidence in and welcomed to by such an ideal age.

It is this Islam that has lit up the psyches and hearts of past ages. With its direction, they understood their objective, advanced toward greatness, knew themselves and their Lord, their religion, world, legacy, age, life, companions, and enemies. With Islam, one would realize who demonstrates to him the way and who needs to delude and crash him off the correct track.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

October 15, 2019

A man's Honor By His Women


If a man is to address the honor and character see the women’s dress and level of the dignity of his house.

It's a very common version and the reality that honor of a man is in the hands of his woman and
Dignity of a woman is the responsibility of a man. Nowadays, the life of women is very hard to
Live according to the teachings of Islam.Everywhere from the doorsteps of our houses to
Wherever you go, you will see women in a totally different look, not in what she should be.

Where is the problem? , what is the root cause of it? 

Why women of today don’t feel shy or ashamed with uncovered head and idle clothes in front of male persons though father, brother, or cousins? why women don’t even realize that they are willing themselves?
 Why they don’t understand that real dignity lies in their character their gaze and their gate, not in their glamorous outfits? What is the reason for all of that?

          ‘’   No women in this world is prettier than a
             Muslimah who dresses to please Allah.The
           Beauty is on her Imaan instead of her face,….’’

This problem now runs in DNA’s of growing generation.Frontal Lobes (part of the brain involved in the determination of right and wrong) ‘ got damaged and selfish because it’s very common that if
You feel something is wrong then it should be wrong in all situations. This is not possible that
In one time a man says that it’s wrong that my daughter or sister or wife go even to the open
Area of his house with uncovered head and people take a look of them as it is the matter of
Their honor and dignity and respectable man can’t afford it. And on the other hand, the same
The person felt praised and to be appreciated when other irrelevant male persons come to their home
; whatever for any reason, and not only see they gaze to the ladies of their house who are with
Uncovered head and they tried to get frank with these ladies, why that father or brother or
The husband doesn’t feel ashamed or get angry at that? isn’t it is against their honor their dignity?

Why they don’t tell their sisters, daughters, and wife to not to come in front of any male persons
Even if he is our guest? , why they tell them that you are not serving them, not to entertain them?
Why they don’t understand that a lady is to keep secret though she is your sister or daughter or
What is  the difference in both situations? Why the same person at one time at an action felt
His level of honor descending and the same person at another time on the same action felt praised?
If the person is the same, the definition of honor is the same, action is same then why the reaction gets change
With situation? Are our honor and dignity depend on situations?
Why our Amagdylas(part of the brain involved in emotions and situation handling), are slaves of finance
And status? Why we get ready to deal our modesty and honor of our forefathers just for the sake
Of our personal profits?

A woman is responsible for the end of her all the first male relations but to women realize that
Is the responsibility of all of them. They can make her do what they actually want if she is wrong
They should teach them her modesty and how to keep it up high. They have authority to teach her
Softly but she didn’t they could treat her harshly for the sake of her honor and to save her from
All evil deeds. A man should make her realize that respect for our family and our society is upon
you. You are our honor, not a thing to entertain anyone so that she keeps her morals high and
honor upgraded.

               Precious things are always kept covered
              And secrete –Is anything more valuable and
              Precious for an honorable man then women?

Today it’s a life of 5G. Everywhere everyone is a slave of this glamorous life.TV social media
Schools, colleges, universities everywhere this lifestyle is appreciated.No one has even a
Single objection. Everyone is a slave of this fake world. We should not against the latest
Information, high education but should strongly resist becoming a slave of it. We should
Have strong objections against this vulgar sort of life where characters and honor
Of  our forefathers could be exchanged with finance and status.
I want to give some powerful references here from QURAN E PAK:

Hijabis a way to way to live not just a piece of cloth. It’s hard to adopt but it’s a way to everlasting 
Success and Allah promised who cover herself will not be teased.

   ‘’   Be like a diamond, precious and rare
     Not like a stone found everywhere……….’’

One in my life, my best teacher, my ever best friend and the one in whom eyes in saw love, care
And the respect for all relation; only in one soul, once said to me ;

    ‘’you should be open-minded and you should think big  but not should be vulgar’’
  ‘’ you should be positive but you can’t avoid the bad things and thoughts around you’’
‘’I always say to keep yourself covered because precious pearls are kept enclosed and secrete’’
‘’you should be grateful to Allah almighty who made you as, as I want to keep you secrete’’-

Life is a journey, not the destination. There are almost 7 billion people on this planet
And among all of them, Allah almighty chosen you as a Muslim. Be thankful, be grateful and work for it. Work for the dignity of your religion by your character. Be ideal for other girls.
We girls are too precious pearls that Allah almighty contact you especially through’’ Surah E ALnisaa’’
But the sad point is this we don’t listen to Allah what he said and as a result of it people and devil tease

Hijab in Islam

Why be worried,,,,,,,, respect is in hands of Allah, humiliation is also in the hands of Allah.
No one can humiliate you just because of your hijab and veil, Allah promised that you the path
What he decided for you, and you will never be disappointed. There is no need for adornment
To make yourself updated and more classy. Nothing is more updated than Islam and teachings
Of our beloved Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD (SAWW).
What were the women of the era of ABU JAHAL who use adornment in front of irrelevant male persons.
But we are Muslimahs and our religion and its teachings are evergreen.

Our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SAWW)said:


‘’Allah didn’t promise immediate relief with the truth-Truth is survival but success does not
Necessarily mean happiness –Truth is a valuable commodity and valuable things suffered.’’
Conscience is doing what you believe is right, even though it might be unpopular and difficult.
Someone has to be a pioneer for it , why don’t we?
Recognize your worth. When women have enough courage to say ‘’NO’’ it reflects that she
Needs no sympathies and good offers from anyone because her dignity is always her top first
Priority and there is not any alternate of it.
Now if someone decides to choose this unpopular but sacred path she thinks, am I only who
I want to do it in a traditional way.I am scared to be so lonely, because she may well not be appreciated
As much as she wants and she should be. But dears you have to do this either someone appreciate
You or not but you have to. You have to be a pioneer for this most beautiful and blessed deed.

          ‘’Don’t sacrifice ocean(Akhirah), for the bowl(Dunia)’’

It’s adornment, latest adornment, but wearing hijab or veil are not old fashioned but those
Who are glamorous and wear unfair clothe, not cover their head and remain nacked all the time
Are old fashioned, because our religion  Islam give respect and honor to women. What was the
Women of Pagan times who use adornment by jewelry and vulgar dresses but Islam gave
Respect ,honour ,dignity to women,so latest women don’t use any type of adornment and she felts
Comfortable in hijab and veil.

Hijab importance in islam

  ‘’  Our Lord, Let not our hearts deviated after you have guided us.’’

                                                                       (Surah –Al-Imran_8)
 ‘’Indeed He is ever Accepting of repentence’’

Written by Zara Khalid 


Tuesday, October 8, 2019

October 08, 2019

History of Islam A brief history of Islam and the most significant events in the history of Islam

History of Islam A brief history of Islam and the most significant events in the history of Islam

A brief history of Islam Muslims history began in Arabia when Prophet Muhammad recited the Quran in the 7th century the historical development of Islam has affected political economic and military trend both inside and outside in the Islamic world.

The Origin of Islam

most significant events in the history of Islam. Prophet Muhammad SAW and who would become a prophet of one of the world’s great religions. Islam was born into a family belonging to Quraish the ruling tribe of mecca a city in the Hijaz region of north-western Arabia.

history of Islam a brief history of Islam in Arab

As with Christianity the concept of Islamic the world is useful when one looks at different periods of human history.
Originally the site of the Kaaba a shrine of ancient origins Mecca had with the decline of southern Arabia become an important canter of 6th-century trade with such power as the Sasanians by Byzantines and Ethiopians, as a result, the city was dominated by powerful merchant families among whom the men of Quraish were preeminent.

Early Muslim History

early islamic history timeline describes as in the history of Islam. After Muhammad, the Muslims leadership was assumed by Hazrat Abu Bakar RZ.
He was Followed by Umar RZ ‘Uthman Ibn Afan and Hazrat Mula Ali RZ. These four are called
Rashidin Calipha. Under there Calipha Islam becomes one of the most important religions of the Middle East.

early Muslim history

 Prophet Muhammad SAW Family: Muhammad Father Abdullah Ibn e Abdul Mutalib, He has died before the Prophet Muhammad SAW born. His mother Hazrat Bibi Amina died when Muhammad SAW was the age of six years and after that responsibility of care Muhammad SAW of his grandfather the head of the Banu Hashim.
After his grandfather, Muhammad raised by his uncle Abu Talib the child of Prophet Muhammad SAW was sent to live a year or two years a Bedouin family.

This custom followed with recently by noble families of mecca and Medina Taif and another town of
Hijaz had the important implication of Muhammad SAW.
About the year 590, Muhammad SAW then in his twenties entered the service of a merchant window named Khadija as her factor actively engaged with trading caravans of to the north. Sometime later he married Hazrat Khadija and had two sons neither of who survived and four daughters by her.

Muhammad SAW he was the forties he began to retire to meditate in a cave and mount Hira it is located outside from Mecca where the first of the most significant event in the history of Islam took place one day as he was sitting in the cave he heard a voice later identified of the Angel Gabriel which ordered to Prophet Muhammad SAW.

In the Islam Holy book


history of Islam a brief history of Islam

In the history of Islam Muhammad SAW three time pleaded his inability to do so but each time the command was repeated. Finally. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW recited the words of what is now the first five verses of the 9th chapter of the Holy Book Quran in the history the history of Islam.

Origin of Islam: The origin of Islam is generally accredited to Prophet Muhammad SAW ever walked the Earth. How did Islam spread?

In the brief history of Islam not everyone accepted God's message transmitted through Muhammad SAW. Even in his own clan there were those who rejected his teaching of Islam and many merchants actively opposed the message the opposition however merely served to sharpen Muhammad sense of mission in the history of Islam books and his understanding of exactly how Islam differed from paganism.

The verse of the holy book Quran stress God uniqueness warns those who deny in of impending punishment and proclaim his unbounded compassion to those who submit to his will. They affirm the last judgment when God the judge will in the balance the faith and work of each man rewarding the faithful and punishing the transgressor in the Islam belief.

The Quran rejected polytheism and emphasized man's moral responsibility in the powerful image the presented a grave challenge to the worldly Meccans.

Next chapter 2

Sunday, September 29, 2019

September 29, 2019

Muslim women wearing Hijab there is a big issue in some countries as Hijab is some kind of weapon. this happening because of Islamophobia

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan said at there is a misunderstanding in the West regarding Islam which is causing Islamophobia in the world.

There are 1.3 billion Muslims in the world. Millions of Muslims are living in the USA and European countries as minorities. Islamophobia grows after 9/11 at an alarming pace. The human communities want to live together with understanding among each other but nowadays and before Islamophobia creating division.

Islamophobia Creating Divison Hijab Seen as Weapon

Muslim women wearing Hijab there us a big issue in some countries as Hijab is some kind of weapon. this happening because of Islamophobia.

After 9/11 islamophobia is grew as an arming rate. 

Why did It start?

Because certain western leaders equated terrorism with Islam, calling it Islamic terrorism and radical Islam. What is radical Islam? There is only one Islam. how does one distinguish between a moderate Muslim and radical Muslim saying further that terrorism has no religion?

Islam is only the teaching of OUR Beloved PROPHET MUHAMMAD PBUH.


This Islamic radicalism has been the main reason behind Islamophobia. This has caused pain to Muslims. marginalization in European countries Muslims leading radicalization making people as up militant in Syria and other countries. 

Islam is the religion of peace and teaching is life together like a brother in Muslims No religion preaches radicalism. The basis of all religions is compassion and justice.

Before 9/11 majority of suicide attacks in the world were carried out by Tamil Tigers who were Hindus. No one blamed Hinduism. And it's quite right. What has Hinduism got to do with what desperate people were doing in Sri Lanka?

 There is a misunderstanding in the West regarding Islam which is causing Islamophobia in the world.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

September 28, 2019

Indian Media crying about Why Did Give 45 minutes to Prime Minister Imran khan in UNGA session

Indian Media crying about Why Did Give 45 minutes to Prime minister Imran khan in UNGA session

 Indian Media is crying on UNGA why did give extra time to Prime minister of Imran khan in his speech at United nation on Friday. Being given extra time what he said to deliver.

Modi Reaction after the speech

The most 45-minutes of Prime minister Imran khan he targeted The Indian government and Modi and his RSS what they are delivering in Occupied Kashmir during around 2-month curfew. And suppress millions of people on Occupied Kashmir.

Speech time allotted to the leader of every country 15-minutes at the UNGA session and also to Modi. The Prime Minister of Imran Khan exceeded the limit. He takes a long time in his speech.

India and Media complaining about Prime minister Imran Khan speech for his 45 minutes’ session at UNGA to Pakistani Leader. The Pakistani Nation is trolling to Indians on social media Facebook, twitter is most trend being ashamed by their Leader.

The picture of two Indian ladies they are UNGA session During Prime Minister Imran Khan speech is mostly viral when the camera on them at a time when Imran khan exposed India Prime Minister Modi atrocities in Occupied Kashmir  

September 28, 2019

Pm imran khan speech at UNGA big slap on un and india

Big Slap On UNGA And India by PM Imran khan

Amazing speech in my life and in the past I did not saw a leader who can speak like PM Imran khan at UN appreciated, He done very well as a leader and proud as a Pakistani.

PM Imran Khan takes 45 minutes in his long speech was intense criticism of India it's lockdown and killing of Kashmiri and the restriction imposed in the region.
Pm Imran Khan said in his speech he feels honored to represent Pakistan at the World Forum. He said I only come to the UN for some urgent issues needed to be addressed.


Pm Imran khan talked in with detail was the oppression of the people of the occupied Kashmir.
When we came to power we swore that we would try to bring peace. We went to fight the war on terror and we faced losses of thousands of people. I opposed the war because in 1980 we joined the struggle against the soviets funded by western countries.

the Pakistan Army trained mujahedeen and they waged the freedom struggle the Soviets called them terrorist and we call them the freedom fighter.

In 1989 soviets retreated the Americans packed up and left. Here we had indoctrinated then in jihad against the foreign occupation and now that the US had taken over, we have supposed te tell then no longer jihad.
And so the US turned against us and it was a nightmare. Taliban were in Afghanistan Al Qaeda was there What kind did Pakistan have to do with it. I know India keeps alleging that their groups are there.
I welcome to UN observers see for yourself.
And he said Look Mr. President of the UN when we come in power we decided to bring peace in the region and with India. We call to Modi forget the past and come sit together talk with us what we have to do next for poverty, health, climate and terrorism we both countries have the same problems. We like to build good relation with our neighbors.
But Modi Did Polowama and after he blamed us, we said if you have any proof than share with us we will take action immediately for investigation and you also help us in investigation.
But they foolish attack on our trees in the night, Mr president, we were very upset about our ten trees.
And then we retaliate on the head of India in the match we shoot 2 jet one is proof we have as
Commander  Abinandan. We return pilot only for peace. And the time also world leadership was quite.
Mr president if the war between us due to Kashmir or any other issue nothing will be left in the world we are Atomic power country the impact will go over the world. We know why the western and other countries are Quite about Kashmir issue because of the huge market for Business, why they are not talking with and, why they don’t look at the human rights organization in the Kashmir were they slept now.
The PM Imran khan pointed also Modi Election campaign revolved around Anti -Pakistan narrative. Modi uses the word like, this is the only trailer the movie is about to start and I went to Pakistan and taught them a lesson.
“And he said at the time Pakistan chalked it up, political making the statement” and that they would get back to the normal relationship with India Election. After that India did not respond to Pakistan overtures following Mod’s Re-election as PM and soon it discovered that India was trying to push Pakistan into the blacklist of the financial action task force to bankrupt the country.
"That is the point at which we understood that there was a motivation and that plan wound up clear on the fifth of August when India conflicted with 11 Joined Countries Security Board goals which state that Kashmir is a contested region and the individuals of Kashmir have the privilege of self-assurance," he said.

"They conflicted with the Simla Accord — which is tied in with dealing with our disparities through two-sided implies.

"They really conflicted with the Indian Constitution. Unlawfully, they renounced Article 370 which gave Kashmir the unique status and [stationed] an extra 180,000 soldiers there," said Head administrator Imran, giving the scenery to India's activities in Kashmir.

He said that the all outnumber of security powers in Kashmir is 900,000 and they put 8,000,000 individuals of involved Kashmir under check-in time.

He said that the response to how anybody can accomplish something like this lies in the RSS belief system pursued by Modi.

" I should clarify what RSS is. Modi Presently is an actual existence individual from (RSS).

"It is an association enlivened by Hitler and Mussolini. They have faith in racial immaculateness and prevalence. They accept they are an Aryan race.
"They have confidence in the ethnic purifying of Muslims. They accept a brilliant time of Hindu guideline was halted by Muslims and afterward the English occupation.
"What sort of individuals get 900,000 soldiers for 8,000,000 individuals? These are people," said Executive Imran to praise from the group of spectators.

"What accompanies Aryan prevalence is pomposity and it commits individuals to submit errors and do moronic, merciless things like what Modi has done.

"It is self-importance that has blinded Modi. Has he considered what will occur after the time limitation in Kashmir is lifted?

"What will he do? Does he figure the individuals of Kashmir will discreetly acknowledge existing conditions?"

"(Almost) 100,000 Kashmiris have kicked the bucket in the previous 30 years since they were prevented their privilege from claiming self-assurance. Eleven thousand ladies were assaulted.

"The world hasn't done anything.

"What will happen will be a slaughter. The individuals will turn out.

"Has he thoroughly considered it what happens at that point? Has anybody thought what happens when there is a bloodbath?

"What do you think they (Kashmiris) will think about the manner in which they have been confined?"

He noticed that even master India neighborhood pioneers were removed from Kashmir as a major aspect of the crackdown and 13,000 young men were grabbed and taken to obscure areas.

"What will the individuals do at that point? [They will] riot. The troopers will at that point shoot them. They have just utilized pellet weapons.

"Thus Kashmiris will be additionally radicalized. There will be another Pulwama. Furthermore, they (India) will accuse us.

"They are as of now accusing us. They said we have 500 fear mongers arranged to go in.
"For what reason would we send 500 fear-based oppressors when there are 900,000 soldiers?
"There may be further cold-bloodedness on Kashmiris. It will give them the reason to recite on the mantra of Islamic psychological oppression.
"The entire world at that point dismisses.
"How would we (Pakistan) advantage from further expanding remorselessness on the individuals of Kashmir?"
He said India should first take action to left the curfew in Kashmir and release all people in custody. And the world community must give Kashmir the right of self-determination
Humans facing huge catastrophe
The first thing addressed by PM Imran khan is climate change many leaders spoke about
climate change but I feel there is no lack of seriousness. Pakistan in the top ten list countries 80 percent our water comes from glaciers if nothing is done we are scared humans are facing a huge catastrophe one country cannot do anything it has to a combined effort of the world
Money laundering
PM Imran Khan said every year billions of dollars have the poorer countries and go towards rich countries siphoned off by the ruling elites of the western world. The rich-poor gap is growing because of them. He said if the money was retrieved it could be spent on human development but is so difficult.
It is critical. The rich countries must show political will. They cannot allow this to happen.
How can the poor countries spend money on human development when this money can easily leave our countries?
I hope the UN take a lead on this. The IMF and ADB must find a way

Tending to the commonness of Islamophobia, Head administrator Imran said it has developed at a disturbing pace.

"Islamophobia is making divisions, hijab is turning into a weapon; a lady can remove garments however she can't put on more garments.

"It began after 9/11 and it began in light of the fact that specific western pioneer likened Islam with psychological oppression.

He scrutinized the utilization of the term 'radical Islamic psychological warfare' saying: "There is just a single Islam.

"What message does this (the term) send? How is an individual in New York going to recognize moderate Muslims and radical Muslims?

"This radical Islamic psychological warfare utilized by pioneers have caused Islamophobia and have caused torment for Muslims.

"In European nations, it is underestimating Muslims, and this prompts radicalization.

"A portion of the psychological militants were from minimized Muslim people group. We Muslim pioneers have not tended to this issue.

"The premise of all religions is sympathy and equity which separates us from the collective of animals."

He said religion was seen contrastingly in the west, which was the reason the response in the Muslim world to substance censuring Islamic characters were not comprehended.

"I hear such abnormal things that Islam is against ladies and minorities.

"In the primary territory of Islam, Madina, the state assumed liability of the frail, exhausted the rich, burned through cash on the poor [and] declared that every single person originate from Adam henceforth they were equivalent.

"The Prophet (Muhammad PBUH) lives in our souls. The holocaust is treated with affectability since it gives them (Jews) torment.

"That is all we inquire. Try not to utilize the right to speak freely of discourse to cause us torment," he closed.
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