Thursday, September 26, 2019

Kashmir under lock down by Indian Terrorist and Where Stand Pakistan Atomic power

Kashmir under lockdown by Indian Terrorist   and Where Stand Pakistan Atomic power

The Indian government revoked the special status accorded to Jammu Kashmir in its constitution the most far-reaching political move on the disputed region in nearly 70 years in 1947 when the partition of India and Pakistan.

A presidential decree issued on August 5 revoked article 370 in the constitution of Indian the guarantee special rights to the Muslim Majority state including the rights of its own constitution and autonomy to make Lawson all matters except dense communications and foreign the lead up to move India sent in Jammu Kashmir thousands of additional troops and thousands of terrorist to make the situation and for killing Kashmiri peoples who protest against Indian Government. The Jammu Kashmir is declared disputed region for 70 years. They imposed a crippling curfew and shut down telecommunication and internet and arrested many political leaders because to stop protest against Modi Government.

The Indian terrorist is Killing to innocent people who they are protesting for their rights. They are not providing the Medicine and Food the Indian terrorist make a Sub Jail to Jammu Kashmir they are playing with the lives.
Telecommunication services and internet blocked thousands of people seeking their parents to talk with them who they are in abroad.

The Modi terrorist only wants to happy some of his friendly countries in the major is Israel. In the back door, Israel has full support with Modi and his terrorist who they are killing people in Kashmir. The other side whole world is not taking any action against Modi because of they want to down Pakistan.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan always want to peace Talk with the Modi terrorist about Kashmir. PM Imran khan sent them a message to the world leadership like UAE UK USA UN and others.

PM Imran Khan wants peace in the Whole world yesterday in his press conference he conveys the message to the world if War in Between Pakistan and India then you don’t have left any option to stop it the war will go to the whole world Because Pakistan is an ATOMIC POWER then noting will be left in the world.
India will start and we will finish the war .DGISPR

The other side in the border Pakistan is ready to give surprise to Indian terrorist like as when they give on 27 Feb 2019. The Indian Terrorist Cannot face to Pakistani brave and skilled Arm force. The DGISPR already alert to Indian Terrorist in his last press conference.

China urges India Pakistan to resolve the issue of Kashmir through dialogue, turkey, Russia Saudi Arabia, and many other countries building pressure on Modi terrorist to fix the current situation with peace and PM Imran Khan said much time the only dialogue is the best solution to resolve the issue but other hand Modi doesn’t want peace dialogue.

X Indian Army officer says his news conference to Modi and Indian terrorist RSS Pakistan is Atomic Power and more than strong from us Now We Our Terrorist is not able to fight or War with Pakistan and Our Fighter Jet can’t face to Pakistani skilled and Brave Arm Force and Air Force the best way is only dialogue

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