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Rabi Pirzada Scandal Video Naked Video leaked Viral On Social Media Pakistani Singer Hot Sexy Video Self Promotion

I am Rabi Prizada Hot Video scandal Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada leaked video viral on social media bad spot for Muslim society

A week ago, Rabi's private recordings and pictures got released on the web and got viral. Individuals even trolled her via web-based networking media.

rabi pirzada hot photo leaked video scandal
Rabi pirzada scandal story naked photo and video leaked
What is Truth Behind the Rabi Pirzada Hot sexy promoted leaked video scandal

Is this hot video scandal self-promotion or truly bad happed with Pakistani singer Rabi Pirzada? Rabi Pirzada a famous singer hot sexy and good looking at the charming lady in the showbiz industry of Pakistan.
Revert your mind few old videos scandals like before you are well known many Pakistani showbiz girls or lady hot leaked video scandals. In the top some of them.

And Many of the others ladies promoting to herself to become famous and viral in no time. Only for fan following or they are working or they have another Agenda to leave a bad spot on Muslim society and Islam.

Let me explain first about Mira. Mira is also well-Known Actresses belong to Pakistani Film or Showbiz Industry when her hot leaked video scandal comes in the market in no time that viral in social media whole the world after that she excuses for her leaked video in different ways and she announced also left to showbiz and film industry and spend for herself only for God. Then a few months later she starts again her job.

Same as other stories about Veena, Mathira, Qandeel, And Mow I Rabi Prada. According to my views, it’s all Dramas and Planned Scandal Only for fame. I Rabi Prizada Decide to Left showbiz industry and you will see after some time she will revert to his same job again.

Where is the place in Islam about Showbiz Films or Singing Industry?

Islam is not allowing to self-promotion and making this kind of hot scandal in any way. People and the showbiz industry forget the teaching of Prophet Muhammad SAW and Islam. Islam is strictly against to promotion of body parts and making hot videos scandal.

This is the thing that the Holy Quran says about purdah and a legitimate clothing standard
[7:26] "O offspring of Adam, we have furnished you with pieces of clothing to cover your bodies, just as for extravagance. However, the best piece of clothing is the article of clothing of uprightness. These are a portion of God's signs, that they may notice."

[24:31] "And advise the accepting ladies to curb their eyes, and keep up their virtue. They will not uncover any pieces of their bodies, then again, actually which is important. They will cover their chests, (with their Khimar) and will not loosen up this code within the sight of other then their spouses, their dads, the dads of their husbands, their children, the children of their husbands, their siblings, the children of their siblings, the children of their sisters, other ladies, the male workers or representatives whose sexual drive has been invalidated, or the youngsters who have not arrived at pubescence. They will not strike their feet when they stroll so as to shake an uncover certain subtleties of their bodies. Every one of you will atone to God, O you adherents, that you may succeed."

[24:31] "They will not uncover any pieces of their bodies, then again, actually which is vital… "

[33:59] "O Prophet, tell your spouses, your girls, and the wives of the devotees that they will LENGTHEN their articles of clothing. In this way, they will be perceived and abstain from being offended. God is Forgiver, Most Merciful."

Consequently, it tends to be appropriately stated, as per what the Holy Quran instructs us, that purdah and a legitimate clothing regulation for ladies is significant in Islam. Muslim ladies must pursue this set of principles so as to remain honest and inside the limits set up by our religion. The three guidelines that are set around it are dressing with exemplary nature, concealing of the blossoms and protracting of the garments, all that alongside remaining afar off from disconnected men.

Pakistani vocalist Rabi Pirzada on Monday declared that she has chosen to stop media outlets, after her private pictures got released on the web.

Rabi Pirzada Explains About Her Leaked Intimate Videos. Ref Youtube

Rabi took to Twitter and stated: "I, Rabi Pirzada, am stopping showbiz. May Allah pardon my transgressions. Furthermore, mellow the hearts of individuals in support of me."

Rabi Pirzada Hot Video Scandal viral on social media

Why she Record Sexy Naked Video For What I rabi Pirzada has to Record her video in a good mood?

A week ago, Rabi's private recordings and pictures got released on the web and got viral. Individuals even trolled her via web-based networking media.

As per the reports, Rabi had held up an objection with the Federal Investigation Agency over the released substance that became famous online via web-based networking media stages.

he spilled recordings of Rabi Pirzada show that she is stripping her garments and taping herself in a manner to allure her beau. The first spilled video length is around 2 and a large portion of a moment. In the meantime, the other 3 recordings clasp of Rabi Pirzada are short of what one moment each.

It appears that Rabi Pirzada spilled recordings were caught by the vocalist herself and recorded on various events for her beau. It is associated that Ex-beau with Rabi released those recordings via web-based networking media deliberately as he needed to vindicate.

In the other two clasps of Rabi Pirzada, she can be seen accomplishing unseemly things that are exceptionally frightful by the overall population. Her those activities turned into the fundamental explanation behind analysis on her and dream among internet based life clients.

A few Naked pictures of Rabi Pirzada were additionally spilled alongside her Naked recordings. In certain photos, she is taking naked selfies with her companions. Watch some spilled Pictures of Rabi Pirzada, underneath. Because of the idea of the pictures, we secured the touchy parts.

An online networking client told that Rabi Pirzada Videos and hot pictures were spilled by her ex who had the secret key of her iCloud account. Yet, Rabi Pirzada went ahead media after her video outrage and clarified that "she sold her old cell phone and neglect to eradicate her own Data counting released private recordings. The businessperson, later on, released those private recordings of her via web-based networking media and in WhatsApp gatherings. Pakistani vocalist additionally told on media that she is going to move toward the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) against the individual who released her private recordings.

People Reaction on Rabi Pirzada naked hot video scandal.Rabi Pizada Video Scandal viral in Pakistan

Waqar Zaka What says About Rabi Pirzada Hot Leaked Naked Video Scandal.RefYoutube

Internet-based life clients in Pakistan and India got energized in the wake of catching wind of Rabi Pirzada spilled recordings. A large number of web clients hurried to YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter so as to discover Rabi Pirada close recordings. The spilled recordings were posted on Porn sites later on which are out of access in a few nations. However, numerous individuals who got those recordings, they were sharing them in Whatsapp gatherings.

Rabi Pirzada Hot Video Scandal Leaked Viral Original Video Is About 5 Minutes duration.

I watch Her Orignal Video Long Duration About 5 Minutes. My Question to All Thinker Look Her Face And acting do you think this video viral by another person in the social media market she has to put the name of the blackmailer or shopkeeper. And Another Question Why she Records her naked sexy video for what or for whom?

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