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Hareem shah and Shaikh Rashees viral video scandal shaik rasheed video scandal

Tik Tok star Hareem shah and Shaikh Rasheed viral video scandal on the internet. Shaik Rasheed Federal Minister leaked video.

A video that purportedly shows Federal Minister for Railways Sheik Rasheed and TikTok stars Hareem Shah and Sundal Khattak conversing with one another through what is by all accounts a live video visit application has turned into a web sensation on the web. (News Agency)

hareem shah and shaikh rasheed sexy viral video
shaik raheed and hareem shah phone call

Shaik Rasheed leaked video.

Hareem Shah and Sheik Rashid are presently involved in another contention when a Twitter account, professing to be Hareem Shah discharged a video.It is indistinct with respect to how or why the video was released on the web.

Hareem Shah is a significant web based life star who directions a gigantic after on online video stage TikTok.
She had as of late pursued discussion after a video of her inside the outside service turned into a web sensation on the web.

In the recording, Hareem can be seen conversing with the government serve on a video call, saying:"Listen to me have I at any point uncovered anything of yours till now? At that point why not converse with me any longer?."

Hareem shah and shaik Rasheed video is fake?

The online life star at that point tells the railroads to serve that,"What do you mean… What pretty much every one of those bare recordings you used to send me to have you overlooked them." He hastily cuts the video call as Hareem undermines him. Hareem erased the tweet and she likewise shared for her a video message saying she had no aim of criticizing anybody.

#Hareemshah immediately turned into the nation's top pattern on Twitter with smaller scale blogging website clients occupied with the extraordinary discourse of the episode.

hareem shah sexy viral video with shaikh rasheed
Tik 'Tok star Hareem shah 

Earlier, Hareem Shah wasseen been annoyed at an occasion in Dubai. She shared a video on her Twitter handle of the occasion she went to at Oasis Mall, where she was welcomed as a visitor.

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Shaik Rasheed federal Minister of Pakistan Government. Who is the next target of Hareem shah

is this video is fake or original i point out before my older article about Hareem shah also she is working with a plan may be some opposition parties allowed this job to hareem shah, and she is appearing much time with many government ministers. if this video is real so it is confirmed she has many this kind of video and she is working on an agenda to Expose for some others. how she has had to allow and who allowed accessing to government departments? Big Question mark on government.

Might be now /end of hareem shah dreams. now  she did a big mistake or maybe she will get more popularity.

Hareem Shah threatens to Expose more video and she is talking about also Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran khan. 

Hareem shah and Shaik Rasheed viral video chat on Ref Youtube.

Now Hareem Shah To Recal i will share with audio also. what is the purpose behind day by day scandals? 

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